About African Fairways

Would you book a golfing holiday with someone who has never been on a golf course or even hit a golf ball? African Fairways and Safaris Directors, Malcolm Fourie and Steve Ellis don’t think you should.

While there are many tour operators who can sell you generalised travel packages and as an afterthought, book a round of golf for you, African Fairways and Safaris was specifically established to answer the need for a dedicated service provider who truly understands the local and international golf scene and has well-established, personal relationships with the courses management teams and with accommodation providers across the country.

African Fairways and Safaris draws on Malcolm and Steve’s extensive background in the golfing and tourism industry to create specialised packages and individually designed itineraries for international golfing enthusiasts.

As the owners of African Fairways and Safaris, they have exceptionally high standards and expectations from the golf courses and accommodation providers whom they represent. This is why they offer visitors a selection of the very best of the Top 100 Courses across South Africa and Mauritius. You will find that the African Fairways and Safaris website is home to the most comprehensive collection of information and statistics on these locally and internationally acclaimed courses.

While we’re passionate about the beautiful game, we believe South Africa and Mauritius have much to offer their visitors. On top of a superlative golfing experience, we also offer a wide selection of non-golfing activities to suit every visitor’s whim and fancy. We are here to look after your family and friends, to ensure their holiday is just as special.