They gathered for golf
A trip to SA
Cobras and Calloways
The cracks to the fray.

We swing sticks for fun
Chase little white balls
To follow the sun
And onto the falls.

From high veldt to urban
Cape Town to Durban
We wine and we dine
Like gods on a nosh

Led by Debra and Peter
Life couldn’t be sweeter
Chase those pars and birdies
Or maybe even a wash.

And onto Sun City
Tho the golf may be shitty
We are not pro golfers
But who gives a tosh.

It’s the love of the game
That keeps us so sane
With shared imperfections
And the odd perfect shot

We are in the rainbow nation
A land of fascination
Of multilingual cultures
And natures very best

From the jungles to the beaches
There’s a myriad of creatures
To fill us full of wonder
At this land to our far west

To us these beasts primeval
May seem so very evil
In their lifelong struggle
Their battle to survive

But perhaps when they see us
When we go to tee up
And make wild noises
At that mishit crooked drive

We are so very similar
In our urgings so familiar
In the games we play
That make us stay alive

And now I seek your pardon
Be it interlock or Vardon
To end this rhyme
Until another time

When the stories of our ventures
Have passed all the censors
Improved in the telling
Become legends all sublime.

- John